Day 49, where did my brain go?

Another stressful day at work and was glad that I was booked for the 6 pm class, if I been booked on an earlier class I had missed it.

I notice how my work affect my training, a stressful day makes me more tired and if it is a soft day I feel more energetic. So today it was a tougher day.

My hip is bothering me, yesterday the teacher looked at me from behind at Standing Stick and saw the banana on one side, so I have to work to straighten it out, it is my one hip that is not in line. After class I just felt like I want somebody to put a knee in my lower back and one hand on each hip-bone to pull them apart.

During the last part of class I just longed for juice, I was fantasising about leaving the room running down to the store and just getting some fresch pressed orange juice.

After class picking my jacket up from the hanger I got somebody elses bag with me, (Sorry! I hanged it back) and then walking towards the store to get my juice, I just got this feeling that I had to check that I got my clothes on. I still had my skirt on, nobody took it of me. Wierd feeling.

At least I got my juice.

When I came home the 15 year old step-son was not feeling good so he sat in the sofa watching The Big Blue, one of my favorite movies. I just had to see it again, it is such a lovely story and it is beautiful.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 49, where did my brain go?

  1. I can totally relate to the clothes thing! Sometimes when I am dressed for yoga, as I am leaving the dressing room I have to glance in the mirror and make sure I’ve got a yoga top and yoga bottom on. It’s very strange! Not that I would walk out to the lobby half naked or anything! 🙂

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