Day 51, snowstorm, hail, and drifting ice

Huge snowstorm over Sweden, everybody is warned, “Do not go out unless you need”.

I need yoga, I go out. I didn’t want to miss this day.

First I took the normal class. Coming to triangle that is normally the peak of the class I decided that it would be the middle of the class. I did the first set strong and as my hips are still screaming I was tempting to stand out the next when an old memory came along.

In my early 20:ies I went to collage studing how to work with troubled youth and one thing we did was mountain hiking and klimbing the Kebenekaise the highest mountain of Sweden. The day we were going for the top it started to rain halfway and as we got higher it started to snow, it was hailing and I bet it was some drifting ice as well. We came to the top house, (They have built a small house just 200 meters from the top for safety) and we ate some of our food before the peak walk. I decided to not come along and just stay in the house and wait. It was snowing, and blowing and not forget the drifting ice. The rest of the group went up and came down and it was a hard 200 meters and even if they couldn’t see anything they all enjoyed it much. Since that day I have regretted that I didn’t take those last steps to the top, even if I was one of those who had the energy to take us back down and lead the group back to our camp.

So today I decided that I would take those last steps to the top and did the second set of Triangle.

I took the Advanced class as well today after the Basic. It was harder than last time but I felt that in some postures that there is a tiny little progress, my hips are screaming and my calves are cramping. And today I stood on my head for the first time in like 20 years or something. Tjoho! And the teacher said straighten your feet, my calves cramped so I flexed them and she said again stretch and so we went on until I couldn’t take the cramps any more.

Back out in the snowstorm and I had a hard time getting home as the trains didn’t go.
I don’t enjoy the snow anymore, I want spring to come!


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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6 Responses to Day 51, snowstorm, hail, and drifting ice

  1. Johan says:

    Great story. Often we come so close than refuse to take the last few steps.

  2. Traci says:

    I’m with you! Bring on Spring time soon! That’s true dedication getting to class in that weather.

  3. Sisya says:

    I’m impressed with your stamina. I am afraid to try advanced class. How great that you’ve got Barcelona coming up.

    It’s normally cold and rainy this time of year where I live, but we were surprised by warm sunny weather today. Hang in there; spring and sunshine show up when you’re not expecting them sometimes.

    • ahappyyogi says:

      You shouldn’t be afraid to try the advanced class, it is not dangorous. It is same same but very different.

      Looking so forward to Barcelona, both for the seminar and some Spring!

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