Day ?, back in cyber-space

What day is it today? I actually don’t know. I will find out, not important. The last days have been totally kaotic. Time, what is that?

I was sick 3 days, and then Wednesday I practiced again, what a horror!
Thursday was better and today was ok.

My right hip and my hamstrings are screaming worse than ever. But who cares today, they may scream, they will scream even more, they will really know that they are alive.

Bosse the yoga-champ is packing, he is going to Barcelona! I will go with him, I think he needs somebody to look after him so he won’t go totally wild in Barcelona.

Tomorrow we will fly down, I thought I would have time to do yoga tomorrow in the morning but with the kaotic weather here and public transportation takes 2 times longer to go somewhere I will be early at the airport.

Blogger Johan, see you in Barcelona!

Anybody else going?


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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8 Responses to Day ?, back in cyber-space

  1. thedancingj says:

    YAY BARCELONA! Have SO much fun and don’t let Bosse get in too much trouble when he shows off his awesome poses to the other students.

  2. Johan says:

    Day 57. Yes, see you in the big smoke. After this Bosse will have another 58 postures to show off to the people in your office. He’s going to do great!

  3. PBY says:

    Hi There … Just started blogging about my new yoga adventure (Bikram). Enjoyed reading your blog posts. Hope you visit my blog n be a yoga blog friend. Namaste

  4. bitsy says:

    Have a blast! I am wishing I could be there!
    Bikram Believer

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