Day 58, a travel-day becomes a thinking day

I did the midpoint, faught my way over the hill and then I took the Advanced, then i became sick, I missed 3 days of Beginning Classes and today I will miss another class. When I started the challenge I said that I would do 101 Beginning classes, not count the eventuall Advanced classed I would do, those would just be bonus. So after this trip I have some classes to make up.

We just got the information about the seminar and it turns out it will be a Basic class on Sunday as well, Bummer! I booked my flight back at 10.55 and the class ends 10.00. I will try to change my flight back so I wont miss that last class.

This last week at work has just been to much, at one point it looked like I had to go to Vienna again and then take a flight from Vienna to Barcelona instead. But we solved that thing and nobody had to work during the weekend. We will hava a release the week I get back if everything goes well in the stress-testing. When I come back I really have to see to that the stress-level at work lowers down as it is to high, not only for me but for my entire group.

When I came to class yesterday I had been drinking 2 cups of coffe, that is 2 more than a normal day, so I was kind of speeded and coming into class just in the last second. I could have continued in that tempo but not possible in a yoga class. I had to slow down and pace myself to class.

Some things have there own time, you can’t speed them up, nor hurry them. Yoga is one of those things, sailing is another thing that has it’s own time. There are other things in common between the yoga and sailing, you have to be present during them both.

I am so longing for the sailing season and our boat, when I come home we will start fixing the boat for the summer.

The gate is now filling up with people, it is fun looking at people, especially at an airport, there are so many different kind of people.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 58, a travel-day becomes a thinking day

  1. lz says:

    “Some things have there own time, you can’t speed them up, nor hurry them.” So well said. Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow and let things follow their own time. Sending you good wishes for travel, and hope you have a spectacular time in Barcelona!

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