Day 64, all camels are good camels

Five days of back to back classes with Bikram and Emmy.

Bosse is evolving, he is doing a full camel as I am doing a sleeping camel.

Full Camel

Woke up this morning stiffer than ever, I could compete with a safe on being stiff and had a hard first class and I wondered how I would even be able to take the advanced, but I in the advanced I did as much as I could and when we came to the full camel postures I fell a sleep, deep, nothing could disturb me. When I woke up I felt how the stiffnes had mostly gone away.

It has been an intense 5 days and tomorrow is the last day. I will need some time to digest all the feelings and try to remember everything that Bikram and Emmy has said. I am just so happy that I came here! It has been amaizing training and such a treat to be here and to be able to take part of all their knowledge.

One funny thing have happened, I have learned how to breath!
Yes, you read right, I have learned how to breath.

I have been reading this book about anti-gymnastics, how a woman is treating patients with strange muscle disorders with finding the real tight muscle in the back and she was speaking about the real way of breathing, in – out – relax – in – out – relax – …
I was thinking I am having that breathing pattern, but missed that I was mostly breathing with my chest. When Emmy spoke yesterday about breathing with the stomach I could see how I was breathing “wrong” and I could also understand why.
As a child and yongster I heard from my mother that I should hold my stomach in to have a flat(ter) stomach. This has made me not to breath with my stomach as then the stomach would stand out (God forbid) and not be flat.

Now I am breathing with my stomach. It’s not flat anyway anymore and I don’t need a flat stomach to catch a man (I cought him without a flat stomach) so who cares, I can to what I want with my stomach, like breathing with it 🙂

I have been without internet most of the week and it has been great to be totally unplugged from the world, but today I thought I needed to see how the outside world has been so I am visiting my cousins store and using her internet. She is a designer and makes a lot of nice clothes for women. I got a dress of my own 🙂


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4 Responses to Day 64, all camels are good camels

  1. lz says:

    Sounds like you are having a spectacular experience! Bikram and Emmy must be sharing so much insight and perspective all the time. “One funny thing have happened, I have learned how to breath!” That must be such a powerful realization — because if we are in control of our breath, we are in control of so much more. Enjoy the rest of the seminar!

  2. Johan says:

    Oh yes, chest breathing is for panic breathing and causes stress. Stomach breathing is nice and calming. But as you may remember there is a place for both, especially in the yoga. You use chest breathing during the standing series to help bring intensity (if I remember Emmy’s speech right).

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