Day something, the marriage

The Seminar is over, and it is both sad as it felt good to go home again to the normal life and sleep in my own bed and to start to work on all the things in all the different postures.

But I had a last night in Barcelona as my flight didn’t head home until Sunday, I spend the night at my cousins’ place (I watched over Bosse so he wouldn’t get kidnapped again).

I took a stroll in the old town and walked by the old church and decided to go in to look at it. As I came in the organ played “Here comes the bride”. I entered just as a wedding started. So I sat down and looked and contemplated over the words Bikram said over and over again about the marriage between the heart and the lungs. Maybe it was not only the couple in the front that got married, maybe my heart have started to like my lungs as they now know how to breathe.

Sunday I took the flight back home and to not miss a class I took the 6 pm class at my home-studio. It felt good to be back in the normal heat and with mirrors again to see what I was doing. My knees are hurting a bit from all the work during last week and my legs are sore. In one way it is good, I have a new posture to dread for so I don’t have time to think about Locust, Fixed Firm…. But as long as I do it slowly it works with the knees.

Bosse and I are now back at the office, me sore and and Bosse sin a surprisingly well shape.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day something, the marriage

  1. thedancingj says:

    The wedding is hilarious. You are brilliant and amazing. I’m so happy that you had this wonderful yoga-filled week!!

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