Day 68, following Emmys advice

The last day in Barcelona I strained my right knee, the knee that I have had problems before with. I know exactly when I did it, it was in Fixed Firm, I went in to fast as Bikram was saying something and I didn’t want to be the last one in. So much for taking care of myself….

The day Emmy held the classess she talked about the locked knee, the importance of it and when bending forward it is important to have locked knees and tight, lifted thigh-muscles. Otherwise one is asking two things of the hamstrings, to stretch and to take the weight of the body bending. Stretching muscles needs to relax and muscles that take weight have to contract. This is very important for those with tight hamstrings – like me for instance.

I have so been thinking of this in all forward bends since I came back. It is really interesting to play with and see what happens and how it works. Hppefully my tight hamstrings will like the new life and give in a bit.


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