Day 69, dare to be dizzy

In yesterdays class I was thinking of another thing that Emmy said at Mountain Pose; “Stag the bones in the right position, then support them with the muscles, then you can be standing there for ever.” There was this guy who showed this pose and he just stood there for ever. I was thinking of this in Standing Head to Knee, for my standing leg. Putting the leg-bones above eachother and then tightening, lifting everything up with the muscles.

My knee is still very sore, so I have to take care of it in every posture. No toe-stands for a while for me…

In Camel I just felt how I could bend back more than usual and when I came out I became as dizzy as I was when I had virus on the balance nerv. It was scary but I dared. I didn’t throw up, it didn’t stay for long, and it was just great to dare to dare to be dizzy.


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8 Responses to Day 69, dare to be dizzy

  1. Dare to be…ANYTHING in that hot room. I think that’s great advice indeed!

  2. catherine says:

    That sounds so simple, but means so much. When I make a yoga practice space in my house-to-be, that saying will have a place of honor. I, too, can be aHappyYogi!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      How great it sounds to have a own yoga space in you house!

      • catherine says:

        It’s my goal, anyway. I’m not sure how much space there will actually be. How are you feeling, back at home? Have you unfolded from Barcelona?

      • ahappyyogi says:

        I am slowly trying to remember everything, it is coming in the practice, the words, things, sayings and I try to incorporate and make it to my practice. I kind of unfolded, I can sit straight on my office-chair at work 🙂

  3. Dare to be dizzy. I LOVE that!

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