Day 72, practicing without a mirror

Can’t understand it is already day 72, it goes to fast, I don’t have time for reflection. At work I was at a great lecture with Linda Rising about Retrospectives and Reflection. The Retrospective is a part of the Scrum Method that we work with and is the time for Reflection what we have done, how we did it and how we can improve.

Right now I feel that my life is rushing by and I have no real time to Reflect over my yoga. I am glad I have the weekend at home with my family and that will give me the time that I need.

In Barcelona there where no mirrors and at first it felt very strange but then I had to focus on the form from the inside instead.

The words in the dialogue “Open your chest as a flower petal blooming” in Halfmoon have got a new meaning. In todays class I stood in the front row and tried to catch the flower-feeling but couldn’t get it so I quit looking in the mirror and did the way I did in Barcelona and then looked back in the mirror again. It’s a small tiny difference but a huge difference on the inside.

My right knee is still very sore, no to-stand and spread my knees all over the place in Fixed Firm. That then works more on my ankles and that is good for it moves the pain away from the knee.

If you haven’t seen the film from Barcelona where Bikram showes the Triangle, See It, Follow It. It is explaining the triangle so good that even I feel that I am starting to have desent Triangles.


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