Day 74, irritation

One of those days where I let the outside world enter the yoga room. Not the thoughts of the outside world but the feeling.

I was irritated today at work. certain things happened and I wish I could send a missile or something towards a certain place in the world….. Not good yogic thoughts that is.

First I took one spot in the front row but that didn’t feel right, I felt jammed betweend 2 persons, then I thought Oh over there is a good spot but before I moved my mat it was taken so I took a spot in the 3:rd row that felt good and not to crowded. Guess what?!? My spot became crowded…. We always get what we need. Thank you! 🙂

Then the guy in the front row just had to stand in the middle of his mat and not let me have a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Thank you! For just giving me just what I need today… 🙂

I was so laughing at myself and how I was irritated at all this small things just out of my control.

At the floor-series my energy was draining and I was struggling hard to do two sets of everything. And after class it took me 60 min to take a shower and get dressed and then I sat down agaiin to put on my boots and it took me another 10 minutes before I stood up and went home.

I was so loonging for that bathrobe that we had in Barcelona and just slide up to the room and laying down for some minutes while eating a banana and some dried fruits before even considering to take a shower.


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4 Responses to Day 74, irritation

  1. OMG I can totally relate. Last night I put my mat in the front row, my daughter behind me and to the left in the second row. We come back in later and this totally OBLIVIOUS man who I’ve seen before and is CREEPY quite honestly had put his mat inches from mine and DIRECTLY in front of my daughter! AND to make matters worse, the classroom was WIDE open. Not crowded AT ALL. Yes, I am yelling in caps as I recall this. Irritated indeed!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I can totally relate, creepy men is not what you want beside you in the yoga-room or in front of your daughter.

  2. Ohhh, the minute you start shuffling your mat to a “better” part of the room, you know you’re in for it!!!

    Sometimes, the classes in which your mind bounces all over the place like a monkey teach you the most about your practice.

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