Day 79, a good place to be miserable or learning by doing

Took the 9 am class today and got the time in the morning totaly missmatched so I ate a bit to much before class. So I set up in this good place in the back row. I had a good view in the mirror and things were good, but it was a tough class at moments but that is ok as I was in this good spot to be miserable at. After class in the last Savasana when people started to leave the room, some people just didn’t take the little longer way to not walk over me. What a good place to be miserable in.

It is so funny that I really see how totally fully and to the fullest extent I am responsible for my own feelings and how I choose how to feel will reflect itself. If I had chosen to feel good nobody had walked over me, easy as that.

Another thing that I learned today is that how the digestion-system just closes down during class, I have heard it before and understood it by theory, but now I know it for real.

What a great day!


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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