Day 85, split the body in two

Today’s Friday afternoon class was a lot different than my normal Friday afternoon classes. I have had a great week at work, no irritation, no anger, no being a teenager-mother to colleauges in a foreign country office. In other words a nice work-week.

At the Friday candy (yes, the company that I work for serves Friday-candy at 10 am) I just took a couple of pieces and didn’t get a stomach-ache and I even took a cup of coffiee that I poured out as it didn’t taste good. Somethings have happened with my taste, I haven’t been drinking any coffee since I don’t know when, and I when feeling calm as I did today I don’t crave the sugar.

In todays class it was a nice and light feeling without any struggle from the brains side. If I have a day with a lot of frustration then I feel that it is harder to get the nice and smooth focus.

Yeah for a frustration-free week!

In class the teacher said that we have to differensiate the upper and lower body during Half-moon, to be able to do one thing with the upper and another with the lower. Bikram said something about that as well in Barcelona and my budo-teacher speaks alot about that.

In the budo sometimes you want to be able to move the lower body without it showing in the upper body and still be in balance or doing totally different things with the upper and lower body at the same time.

It haven’t struck my mind before that this concept would be present in the yoga as well.

I started to play with this concept in many of the postures, trying to keep the upper and lower not dependent on eachother, like in Standing Head to Knee, just because the standing leg is standing strong like a pilar the upper body does not need the same kind of strength, it needs another strength that works in another direction.

It was so interesting as there happened a lot of small things in different postures, for example in Standing Head to Knee I just out of the blue could have my thumbs included in the grip, it was like my armes grew 10 cm each and gave me that extra length needed to reach around the leg with the thumbs included.

I will be doing a lot of playing with this in the classes during the coming days.


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6 Responses to Day 85, split the body in two

  1. Johan says:

    Interesting idea. And now that you’ve mentioned it I do remember something about that. I’ll have to try some things as well in class.

  2. I quit coffee at TT because it made me feel ill, and I no longer like the taste. (There was a time when I drank large amounts of coffee).

    I am also going to think about the body moving differently – and it seems to make some sense. Sometimes one part needs more strength and the other more flexibility…

    • ahappyyogi says:

      The taste of coffee was, mildly said, not good.

      Working different with the two parts of the body makes so much sence when thinking about it. I’m of for class now and will continue to play with the idea.

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