Day 90 and 3, decided and official

Can you belive it, it is only 11 more days of this challenge. I can’t. So much things have evolved and so many new layers have peeled of. I am actually glad that I have at least 27 more days to go and to be able to work with this new layer that I have found during the last days.

After Barcelona I have been thinking about Teacher Training and the other day I decided together with my spouce that I will go either this or the next fall, all depending on the boring issue of economy. I spoke with my studio owner today so it is now official as well.

It feels huge and scary but very safe and exciting at the same time.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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10 Responses to Day 90 and 3, decided and official

  1. thedancingj says:

    YES! YES!! I am so excited for you! You will be amazing!! *big hugs*

  2. Oh I’m sooo happy for you! It it’s in Vegas when you go still you BETTER contact me! 🙂

  3. lynxofsilver says:

    Yahoo! Congrats on making the decision. It’s funny how it just arrives one day…sneaks into the brain and pounces. You’ll have to keep us posted. 🙂

    • ahappyyogi says:

      It’s been in the back of my backhead for some time. But in one class it was just clear that it is the road for me to walk right now with my yoga practice.

  4. KW says:

    Good Luck with that!! What makes a good teacher and what are your reasons for becoming one?

    • ahappyyogi says:

      That is two large questions, each to be elaborated in a post of it’s own, but not today.
      Basically why?
      When the knowledge and understanding comes to a certain level it is time to start teaching to be able to take your own knowledge to a deeper level.
      I have previosly been teaching a lot, Autistic children, Math to unengaged High School students, Scuba Diving and Budo. I enjoy to share.
      I know I am a good teacher.
      I want to evolve further with both my yoga and my teaching.

  5. Johan says:

    Awesome! Let me know, let me know when the final decision is made.

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