Day 98 and 11, it is getting closer

Had a great class today with Juan, I left a bit early to be able to take his class. I enjoy his classes so much. I just wish that I could remember things he said so that I could write them down, but there is no time for even processing anything in the brain it is just to work, and work hard.

One thing with doing this many classes in a row I have found out what kind of towells I like and not like and tried them out. I have tried the “yoga towells” in the nice fast drying material. I don’t like them, I get burn marks under my big toe. I want clean cotton towells, I found some at IKEA that aren’t as fluffy as others but still thick. Those I like. Then there is the size issue, the normal towell is 140 cm long but I want at least 150 cm so no foot is out of the towell in the seperate leg stretching poses. (read Triangle) When the towells get that long they are usually much wider than the mat. Next issue that I have to fold the towell on the sides in busy classes so I wont take to much space.

And the washing of towells, about 100 classes, two towells each day, that is about 200 washed towells duriing the last months. Each mashine takes about 8 towells so that is 25 mashines with just towells. Every fouth day a mashine has been washed.

And the sweat, say that I sweat approx 1.5 – 2 litres a day for 100 days that is 150 – 200 litres of sweat. Our car takes 80 litres of diesel and that we can drive a long, long distance on. Think if there was a way to take the energy out of the sweat and use it as fuel for the car.


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6 Responses to Day 98 and 11, it is getting closer

  1. KW says:

    I have been doing Bikram since 98 and the best towel is the yogitoes, it doesn’t slide at all and I have washed it over 1000 times and all the little beads are still on the towel.

    The only place in Sweden to buy them is at

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I’ve heard about them and squezed and felt them in the Malmö Studio and it is the synthetic material that I don’t like, and I get the burn marks under my feet.

  2. Johan says:

    You should try a organic cotton yoga rug. Really nice, and just the right size to fit on the mats.

    I love the sweat energy analogy, but I doubt it would be very popular outside of bikram circles. 🙂

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I’ll see if I can find one of those rugs.

      I agree, that in other circles it wouldn’t be concidered nice, but what a thing if it would work.

      • The Spouse says:

        Well, that energy thing would be great.

        Just think of it. You put the sweatty towels in the machine and it uses the energy in the towels to was them.

        I think we have a huge business here….

      • ahappyyogi says:

        The towells are kind of salty and knowing how much energy that is used to get them that sweaty so there should be some kind of energy in them to recycle.

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