Day 101 and 14, the end of the old

End of the old and the new starts.

Did it become as I thought? No.

The outcome is not the important, the important is the road, the travel and what happend during the journey.

This is not the end of this blog, I will continue to write about my yoga and a bit on my life. I have some posts that I have promised, “Why I want to become a teacher” and “What makes a good teacher”.

Thank you everyone and everybody for your support, I hope you will stay around.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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3 Responses to Day 101 and 14, the end of the old

  1. lz says:

    Yes yes yes – definitely more about the journey than the outcome. This challenge was great for building intensity and determination, but the yoga practice itself is an ongoing process that continues always. And it’s awesome. Congratulations on 101 days!

  2. Johan says:

    Congratulation!! One small step for a person, one very big step for a yogi[ni].

  3. Sisya says:

    Hooray! And I look forward to reading your thoughts about teaching.

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