Trust the process

Hello everybody

I haven’t forgotten you, it’s just been a bit to much to take that extra time to write some lines here.

The boring stuff:
The company that I work for will have a major release like on Monday where everybody has been involved in all 4 countries and my team delivered our things last week. So my yoga practice over the the last weeks have been somewhat sporadic.

The fun stuff:
Our boat is in the water and we have had some fantastic weekends on her and being sailing, anchoring up in a small bay at night, eating good food, being outdoors, watching the sea that is just so so so wonderful.

The yoga:
This past Saturday I took my yoga-bag and went to the studio, a bit scared and so longing for some more normal practice again. Stress does some really bad things to the body and it has been really interesting classes since, one day at some point I didn’t even know at which posture we where at and the entire body hurt except the tip of the nose. So focusing on that tip of the nose with the thought “If I die it will be in a good spot, doing something good for myself.” You know what? I survived 🙂

This past 4 days of yoga has really been about trusting the process, it has been hell and pain and wonderful, I have learnt a lot about myself and also felt alot of trust in all this pain that the more I just try harder the pain will leave faster. Because this pain is no injuries, no strange virus on the balance-nerv, it is just plain stress leaving the body.

And believe it or not, my backbends have improved! And that has to do with the trust, the trusting the process, trusting the body, trusting the teachers words, and trusting myself that I am doing the best thing that I can do for myself.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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