Rockets shooting to the feet


It was just a great class tonight, perfect.

I was so working on my focus and realised in the breathing I had a fidgeting lady behind me, but she dissapered and so did everybody else, it was me and me in the mirror and my breathe.

I got a massage today so I felt really soft and in the second backbend I just got to my new normal depth kind of easy and it felt like I didn’t know how to go further. The teacher saw this and told me to work more with my hips forward to go deeper into the posture.

It’s a funny feeling when something loosens up and I feel like how do I do it now? Where do I go from this? Then I only need a little tiny tip and it will be a new frontier to work with.

In the last stretching pose the teacher said that we should be like rockets, shooting forward, I liked the thought of beeing a rocket so then I need a name, and I haven’t decided yet if it will be “Challenger” or “Discovery”.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Rockets shooting to the feet

  1. educator says:

    Hi, nice post! I really like reading it.
    Keep the good work!

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