Food psychology

During yesterdays class I was thinking about psycology of food.

Comfort eating, when you eat to feel better.
Punish eating, when you eat to punish yourself.
Injury eating, when you eat to injure yourself.
Eating to prevent further development.

The list of different causes of eating can be very long and then I haven’t event named eating because of hunger.

When I am stressed I eat to comfort myself and to get that extra energy to go through what is needed to go through. To comfort myself I prefer cinamon rolls or other sweet buns with lots of sugar and dairy in them. Dairy is not good for my system so I harm myself and then at yoga I can’t work as hard as I want to due to an “airy” stomach and this is a very good way to hinder development so I am punished for wanting do develop.

So eating one sugar- and dairy-filled sweetbun starts this entire chain of psycological effects that all are interlinked together and triggers it to continue.

It is the same kind of psycology involved in smoking tobacco. Both involve the comforting, punishing, hurting and putting things into the mouth. the psycology about putting things in the mouth is very deeply involved with the early feeling of being in a secure environment.

Who will I be if I only eat healthy food?
That is semantac the same question I had when I quit smoking 15 years ago.

Quiting smoking is somewhat easaier than quiting eating the things that ain’t good for me as I still have to eat.

Being aware is the first step towards the next step.


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4 Responses to Food psychology

  1. Leona says:

    Nicely put together…hadn’t thought through the whole chain reaction like you have. Good insight. Thanks for sharing. (I do the same with food, and continue to try to break out of the habits)

  2. I love to sabotage myself (not really, but i must love it because i do it)
    I do 90 mins of this intense yoga then “punish” myself by overeating. I need to lose 35 pounds right now.
    Ugh! The things that are buried in our strange minds!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I am trying to fix my eating habbits instead of trying to loose weight.

      It is crazy how hard it is to fix the brain, but hopefully with all the yoga it will be fixed one day.

      Some days it is just impossible to not overeat and to eat for all the crazy want-reasons.

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