Hello everybody out there

Here in Stockholm the sun is shining and it is the midsummer weekend and as every Swede I feel the heathen part of me with worshipping the sun and fertility rites with dancing around the midsummer pole.

I am just joking, we will be sailing the entire weekend and worshipping the sun, wind and salt water.

Last weekend, on the boat I dreamt that I could do a perfect Awkward pose, the first part. This is a part I dread for as my hips hurt as I go down. I remebered it later during the day as I took on my life vest and had to bend down for my strap that I have between my legs as I kneeled the same way as in Awkward. So I hade to try out the Awkward so I went into it from sitting position and I got it. But then I have shoes on but on a not so stable boat.

Maybe it has something to come, that something will happen in this pose., or it was just to show me that this pose is not impossible, there is hope for me as well.

Here is a picture from last weekend as we are on our way back towards our harbour.

As I read Bikramyogachick’s post on practicing with Bikram for the first time it hit me that when I was in Barcelona and had my first class with Bikram it was a life changing moment. Not one of those moments where life just turns around and you don’t recognize anything anymore, but still a change, like a small continous change every day, like turning a tanker boat, it takes time but there is a new direction and the change is there for real and to stay.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Midsummer

  1. what a gorgeous photo! Enjoy the summer fun….

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