I feel alive

After 2 weeks of absence from the hot room I did take a class today. My body was longing but my mind was scared.

At my work it is enough! Basta! Last week stuff culminated the chaotic situation that we have with the office in VIE and I decided that if it it not a change in the fall the way we work together I will leave. I have hit the wall once and I don’t want to do that again. The bosses understand and can see the problem and have started to work on it and start to talk to the bosses in VIE. If that doesn’t help it will have to be taken to the next level of bosses. I can’t walk around being angry or upset every day after speaking with people that I need to have contact with every day. That is not part of my job description.

So off to class, one of the new instructors that held a great class and it was hot.

It was a tough class but I hung in there and towards the end I just felt how my body started to feel alive again. Feeling the blood flow around in the entire body, reaching cells that have been forgotten during the last weeks.

I have less than one working week left to vacation. It will be 4 weeks away from work and I will be on my sailing boat most of the time. I’m thinking of wich poses would be good do do on a daily basis. Any suggestions? I will be doing the poses outdoors, if the weather allows it, so it won’t be as hot as usually.
I will be doing them either on the boat where there is little flat surfaces or on the shore where there is usually no flat surface as it is mostly cliffs. So any balancing poses are out of the question.

I was thinking of Half Moon, Wind Removing (not to remove the wind), Cobra, Half Tortoise, Camel and Head to Knee with stretching.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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One Response to I feel alive

  1. SylviaG. says:

    So I think now you are on your sailing boat….:) Deffo do some half moon and backbending (as warm up) and then some triangle (to get your heart race pump up!)
    Not sure if you have internet access (most probably not, on the boat), so by the time read it, you´ll be back…hope you had a fun time!

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