Doing backbends when the foundation isn’t stable is scary

When waking up to a sunny day after a good night sleep on the boat I am usually a bit stiff.

I have been trying to find a good spot to do atleast the Half-moon on our boat.
Inside boat – not possible, the roof is to low.
In the cockpit – not possible, the main sail is in the way.
Standing on the seats, it works, but now I am getting a bit over the level of the water.

One morning as I was doing the backbend a small wave came along and started to rock the entire boat a little bit. That was scary! The foundation wasn’t stable anymore as it was moving slightly.

What happens in the normal life when the foundation in the life is not stable, now I’m not talking rocking boats or earth-movements but the foundation in ones every day life isn’t stable, like loosing a job or a partner, or when things change unexpected, or any of those things that toss our lifes in new directions. When this happens the backbends get scary.

When bending backwards we are looking towards the unknown, we are opening up our heart and throat to the unknown. Just looking behind ourselfs is looking in a direction that is not normal in the everyday life, we look forward and to the sides but rarely straight backwards.

Opening the heart and throat is like surrendering. When two dogs fight and one surrenders he lays on his back and gives his throat to the other. Bending backwards is like surrendering into the unknown.

When the foundation is stable it is easy to feel the confedence to surrender into the unknown.

When the foundatin is rocking it is hard to feel the confedence to surrender to the unknown but at this times it is so much more important to do the backbends and “force” ourselves into the unknown.

As the foundation influence us we can influence the foundation. It is not only the times when life is stable that we can evolve but it is much more important that we in times when life is not stable that we teach ourselves that it is safe to bend backwards and surrender into the unknown.

There are a few lines that I don’t really like in the dialouge as the brain isn’t capable of distinguishing do from don’t like in “Don’t fall out” or “Don’t be scared” as said in the first backbend. I would rather say “Do feel safe to bend backwards”.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Doing backbends when the foundation isn’t stable is scary

  1. I like this post! You are right, backbends ARE scary when the foundation is not stable…both literally and figuratively.

  2. “Do feel safe to bend backwards.” I LOVE this. You’re right—it’d be awesome if the dialogue was more positive in some parts and got rid of all those “Don’t be scared” and “this will hurt”, etc.

    Such an awesome post, lady.

    • ahappyyogi says:

      In every class I have to say “Do feel safe” to myself to override the teacher when they say the scary stuff and I go back.

      I remember when I discovered that the instructors said “Don’t be scared” and I tensed up and became – scared.

      Thank you!

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