Fried sparrows flying into my mouth

Back to the mat after another week and a half of the mat.

It has been a good week with lots of sailing and sun and swimming in the water. Finaly the water got so warm that I could put more than my toes into the water. During the sailing I have noticed the benefits that I have gained from the yoga. I have stronger legs and my entire body has more endurance.

But now my vacation is over and I am back to yoga every day if life allows it. Yesterday was the first class and I took the second class today. It is so interesting to take this first classes after a break as then I see what parts of my body is the weakest. My right shoulder is weak and not my left that used to be injured and weak. The hamstrings are ofcourse screaming, the right more than the left and my right foot is stiff, I have a hard time to spread my toes on that foot that I was so happy that I have started to be able to do. It is interesting to see this and now I know what to work hard on.

Before class I ate lunch with a very old friend and when we spoke about the time when we learned to know eachother I told her that I have realized that I was one of those persons that just waited for fried sparrows to fly into my mouth, and they did, there was always somebody that took care of me, money, food and things. At that time it just happened and then there was a slight change of my mindset and I expected things to be taken care of and then the fried sparrows stopped to fly into my mouth. This expetion stopped the fried sparrows and I really had to work for myself instead.

In class today I thought of how I sometimes just expect things to happen without any effort, but it won’t. In class I have to work to make it happen, it is not enough just to show up and pull a bit here and pull a bit there. One has to work hard to make things happen, work hard and work for the cause and then it will happen manifolded when it is not expected.

So I don’t expect the fried sparrows to fly into my mouth, but if they do, I gladly welcome them.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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