If you let something go, (and it want to be yours) it will come back

With the budo I practice one thing our instructor says all the time, “Let it go, and it will come back”. This is mostly said with weapons, like swords, staffs and knives.

If you cling on to a thing (weapon in this case) your mind will be so stuck on this thing so there is no room for seeing other things and you tense your hand and entire body just to not loose this one weapon, you cling on to it like your life was dependent on it.

Budo is not about the weapon, it is about being able to move out of the line of fire and the different weapons are just aids in this moving, so to be able to move freely – no attachements and no mind. When starting to practice this you drop your weapons and the funny thing is – they come back, right when you need them. But you have to let them go, 100%, not 99% and look for them with 1% and try to move so you get back, No, drop them as they are gone for the rest of your life.

Me and the spouse are buying a house, yes your read right, buying a house. We found a house that we like and is a good size for us, still within a good comuter-distance from our work and training and we will lower our mothly costs as well. In the negotiations around the price as we found some things a carpenter had done wrong in the bathroom and the seller was starting to back of. After talking with the real estate agent we then said we will let the house go, even if the house was perfect for us and the price was good. The agent said that he would talk with the seller. Me and the spouse started to look on the internet for other houses and found some other interesting objects in the same area and had let this house totally go. After an hour the agent called back and said that the seller had accepted our bid.

The house came back to us.

All papers are now written and we will move December 1st.

I see with yesterdays post that letting go of expectations or wanting to have a specific material thing or in the yoga case expecting to have changes in my body with little effort is something central in my life for the moment.

Let go, and it will come back.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to If you let something go, (and it want to be yours) it will come back

  1. This is so true! I totally agree with your philosophy;) Cool story, thanks for sharing.

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