Opening the hands, it works!

I am so amazed! It works!

Today at work I had one of those telephone meetings with colleagues from the office in the other country that I usually come out of a bit upset or angry. In the meeting I turned my hands open and sat so instead of clinging on to my pen and crunching my teath. Coming out of the meeting it was like everything just ran off me.

During class today I had the same teacher as yesterday. Another marvelous class. Giving it all and towards the end I was so tired and not keeping the pace and got a notice to keep up the pace. It was like pushing a button and the tears just came and I got told to not share my feelings with my neighbours, so I just layed down and opened my hands and whatever was in those tears just passed by and whatever the feeling was there just left.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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