To you who can’t keep a track of your sweaty legs

Just came back form a nice class that just had one distraction.

The guy in front of me with long legs does not keep track of that he drips a lot of sweat in standing bow or in balancing stick. I was lucky that I could move my mat back a bit so I didn’t have to put my face into the puddle he would have made on my mat. So please if you sweat a lot please stand on the middle of your mat when you do this postures. I mind less if your hands drip onto my mat where I will have my feet. The next time I have you in front of me I will fold my mat so I can put my mat over your drippings when coming to the floor postures.

And while I am whining, if you sweat so you have a big puddle on and around your mat, please go out and fetch a plastic bag to put them in while you carry them out so you don’t drip on people that wants to lay a bit longer in Savasana.

Thank you.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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3 Responses to To you who can’t keep a track of your sweaty legs

  1. catherine says:

    This made a BIG smile break out on my face. 😀

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