Same same but different

Yesterday one of the instructors in my Bujinkan-club answered a letter from a beginner student.

The question was how this guy is a bit older and he realizes that he will have some trouble with the breakfalls and some of the acrobatics.

The instructor gave the answer that I really liked so I thought that I will translate it here for you to read. The fun this is that the studio-owner talked about some of this things in class today.

“It makes me happy that you want to continue to practice. Everyone has his demons to fight against, both physical and psycologicaly. You are lucky that you have identified one of them; the breakfall training. That means that you now know what you are going to work with. Because Bujinkan does not have any demands on when you need to learn how to do the breakfalls, so you can think about every step and try in your own pace. You do not need to feel stressed about the instructions – take in what you are capable, and make it to your own knowledge in your pace. The practice is for you and for no one else.

Don’t care if others maybe are better than you on breakfalls. They all have their demons to fight. Belive me, I know. I have seen many talented people disapear from practice. Even though that they have been very talented they haven’t had the stamina to continue to fight when they have met a hinder in their practice. Hinders we meet all the time. The only thing that means something in Bujinkan is that you have stamina and continue to practice hard even though you have a difficult time with some movements. Sooner or later the body will understand and will start doing them right. Then the student have faught the problem and got understanding of his own. Then the knowledge is for real.

Let it take a year or how long it will take. During the time you will learn a lot of other good things that you will gain off. Even I have to practice breakfalls all the time not to become rusty.

In Bujinkan you wont learn one thing and then go on, you will use your understanding af that you learned and build on above it. The Grandmaster uses to say: “Gambatte Kudasai”, that means, continue what ever happens.”

So Gambatte Kudasai to all of you out there, continue with your practice what ever happens.


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