Starting with a day off

Yesterday I started a 30 day challenge with the studio, I started with a day off.

The boat is taking some time as we are taking here out of the water.

But this morning I took the 7 am class.

My right knee is hurting some times, I guess after what I learned from the weekend with Craig that I am not strong enough in my right leg. It can also be that I am trying to lift my insteps up in the balancing postures and Craig said that one should flatten the feet out to have the weight towards the big toe and diveded all over the foot. When having the weight more towards the big toe it equals out the hip. I think then that it will influence the muscles around the knee and thigh to work a bit different as well.

So 30 days with locking the knee as the primary focus.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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