Sound like a turtle

A wonderful class tonight here in London even though it was packed as sardins in a box. I have never been to such a full class before and I have thought that we can squize in people in my home studio in Stockholm. At home there is usually about 10 cm between each mat but here the mats where side by side and even some where above others.

I was located in a corner by the “balcony”-door and somebody had put a mat on the wall side of mine with my mat 1/3 into hers and my other side was onto the next neighbor. This lady could find a slightly better spot by the door and it turned out that I got a perfect spot in this full class 🙂

The teacher was amaizing! Talking about the breath making us all relax, smile, and laugh.
“Find one spot in your body that enjoys to be here and connect to that cell.”

In one of the spine strengthening postures, can’t remember which and it doesn’t matter, we had to put our heads forward as a turtle. In Savasana afterwards when letting go, we had to breathe like a Turtle and then even sound like a Turtle, I laughed so much. How does a Turtle sound? I had to Google it, they sound somewhat like a donkey. How strange, I have never thought of turtles having a sound before.

There was a lot more talk about the turtle, espcially breathing slow as a turtle.

After class as I got dressed I realized that I had my socks with Turtles on me today!


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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One Response to Sound like a turtle

  1. I wouldn’t know what a turtle sounds like either! LOL

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