I always get exactly what I need

The last weekend when I went to the seminar with Craig Villianihe said that the one thing that we should bring with us is that we will start to breath properly in class. That I have started to do and have found out one thing about myself. I am scared to death to let my heart beat hard and to loose my breath and that I am in a very bad cardiovascular state.

In class this Saturday something happened at Camel and I felt how something opened up in the chest and I felt that I could breath some more and was the first hint that I needed to do something more about my breathing patterns.

As I had to run from one end of Arlanda Airport to the other in 5 min to catch my flight to London and was breathing like I had a bad astma attac.

I have taken the days here to explore this within me and got exactly the teachers and the corrections that I have needed to do this. The teachers don’t know me and have not a clue what I am working on. This is so cool and reflecting back to a post that dancingJ wrote the other day.

I am trying to find a good mantra for overcoming my fear with the heart pounding hard and relaxing the air-passages. Then when I get home to my home-studio tomorrow I will really start working hard on this topic and if I pass-out the people around me knows me.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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5 Responses to I always get exactly what I need

  1. I’m learning the same thing! It’s not easy learning how to breathe when your throat is choked or stretched out really far. The challenge is in not panicking – which is super hard to do.

  2. Ha! That’s funny, “if I pass out, the people around me know me”.
    Breathing is so important. work away!!

  3. itsmy.com Natlove says:

    Yes I do! 😉 ♥

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