Hello World, I am alive

Hello! I am alive, feet down and head up.

This last weeks has been crazy, intense and challenging.

I did do the studios 30 day challenge, and you should know that a challenge is a challenge. I have done many challenges before but nothing like this. But a challenge should be a challenge as that is the name of it.

– Starting to learn how to stand properly on my feet again
Standing on the entire foot.
Feet feel Wow, we can start to open up – Painful
Knee goes happy no pain any more.
Hips can’t stay in the same position, start to open up – Painful

– Starting to learn how to breath and allow the heart to beat
Traveling to London and catching a cold
Becomming sick, one day of sinus infection, one day of ear infection, one day of very high fever, one day of a crazy runny nose, one day of crazy caugh. Then the caugh stayed with me in class for nearly two weeks. All the moist air started of the caugh and together with learning how to breath it cramped in the chest.
Chest is opening up – painful
Lungs has found new, unused spots – painful
Haert beating as a techno song gone crazy – scary

I finished this crazy challenge so weak and frail, but I finished it!

It has been an exciting, thrilling and breathtaking challenge with all this changes in my body.

I am now starting to ascend on the other side of this and I am so happy that I went to class every day, digged deep, and allowed myself to be week, to go through all the pain and to let all the oxygen move into those small forgotten areas in my body.

Im also so happy for all the support and love that I have felt from instructors, fellow yogis and my family during this weeks. Thank you!

Tomorrow is a new day where I will be a little stronger than today.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Hello World, I am alive

  1. Whew!! Sounds like quite a whirlwind of late!! Glad to hear you survived it all and all is well, though. 🙂

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