It is all up to me

Hello World!

It’s been some of those crazy weeks again. Lots of work, with the totally moment for everybdoy to be able to take responsibility for their actions. My learning is that I have to and can say: No. No we can’t develop this in the short timespan that you give us if you want some kind of quality to go with it. I like my job and as long as I learn something everyday it is a great job.

I alone are the one who chooses how I feel about all the things that happens around and with me.

During this week I only had the possibility to go to one class and it was 8 days since the previous class. That is not my normal routine. But it happens when things at work piles up.

After a kind of rough standing series and the painful spine strengthening, in one of the the Savasanas my body was so happy and I just layed there with a huge smile on my face. Then the little man on the other shoulder came out and wispered in my ear: How can you allow yourself to be happy, it is 8 days since your last class, your back hurts, your stomach hurts and that is by definition the entire you – be miserable!

I could at that moment choose to be miserable. Did I? No, I choose to be happy.

It would have been easier to be miserable as then I could have skipped some postures, layed there and feeling pity for myself in my miserable state, and ofcourse, I did consider this, but somewhere deep inside me I choose and decided, No I will not go that path today, today I will choose to go the happy path.

Every day and every moment there is the possibility to choose how to feel, if we can choose the happy path once it is so much easier the next time.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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One Response to It is all up to me

  1. Natlove says:

    Yes it is all upto me! And you of course! Upto all of us 🙂 Very inspiring! Thank you oxox. Nat

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