My Birkam Story

When I first started Bikram yoga it had just come to Sweden, with one certified instructor and she had classes in a dance-studio that was haeted with several small gas-heaters. I was a student and I could only afford to take one class a week. There was nobody talking about doing yoga daily and she didn’t offer classes everyday anyway.

I started to do yoga because of my troubled back. I had been working as a waitres for many years and my left shoulder and back was in more or less constant pain. My body was so happy to do this yoga so whenever I could I did two classes a week.

Then the studio moved into a real studio with real heaters and better space. I had a shorter brake from the yoga and came back after a budo-injury. Now there where 2 instructors, the owner and a woman that was competing in yoga. I healed from my injury but continued about twice a week until I got a really bad shoulder injury from being thrown in the budo and my training partner accidently fell over me. After this I addedd another day a week with the goal to heal my shoulder so I could practice budo again.

There was a new instructor at the studio, she suggested that I should do a 30 day challenge and I remember that I looked at her like she came from outer space or something. 30 days in a row? How my life looked at that time it wouldn’t been possible but I tried to add another day a week to my practice. Looking back at that time I feel like I was a hopeless case. Injured, overweight with a very slow progress.

But I continued, I got a new job and at that time I bought a yearly membership and continued with my 3 to 4 days a week. My shoulder healed, but the yoga felt so good and it not only healad my injuries it did something more with me, it started to become a must.

I have very crooked legs and when I started yoga and I couldn’t put my toes and heels together without having one knee slightly in front of the other. Through my entire youth I walked in high heels so my toes are all crunched together and back-side of my legs are short. When I walk I walk like a duck with my feet slightly outwards.

We had a new instructor and I took a private class with her and that feeling that I had after that class was incredible. My toes, my duck-toes, I could feel how my toes started to separete from eachother and I was walking different and that my right foot was wanting to walk more straight forward.

A new studio opened in town, this one is located more close to my house so I switched to this studio. This studio also felt more close to the source, closer to Bikram, I can’t explain it in any other way, just closer.

Last fall I was in Japan practicing Bujinkan and even if I wasn’t injured I was very week and sore in my body after 2 weeks of budo practice with the Grandmaster and his closes Shihans. At this time the studio sent out an invitation to a 30 day challenge starting just as we were coming back to Sweden. I signed up for this challenge and made it. There was not so many things happening, my body got a bit stronger but the main part of this challenge was that I was able to practice daily in conjuction with my work, family and everything else.

During the spring I got a virus on my balance-nerv and after one week I started to practice yoga again and that was an interesting journey. At every deep forward-bend my dizzieness came back and it took about 8 months for it to disapear totally.

After this I have practiced 5-6 times a week and I have longed to do daily practice. During the summer it is hard as we are then out with our sailing-yacht in the archarpelargo and that is wonderful and I wouldn’t miss a second of it.

This fall started and I started this blog as I started a 30 day challenge on my own and at the same time I started this blog, what happened after that you can read in all the posts.