Mama give me money

The last weeks this little part of the dialogue has started to work itself into my mind and the meaning of it.

I have come to the conclusion that it is brilliant!

First some background.
I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but in Sweden we don’t like to be loud where people can hear us say “stupid” things. So if a teacher would say “Say: Mama give me money” very few would say it out load and you really se how everybody gets embarressed. So then many teachers skip it.

But think of it.
Palm facing up – If you do that you open yourself up to something. So often we think that we can handle everything ourselves and don’t need any help from anybody.
Mama – Is somebody that cares for your and wants the absolutely best for you. It doesn’t have to be your physical mama, just a person that cares for you.
Give me mone – Obviously, please give me something of great value that I do need. Most of us need money and it is a great word to use for something with value as money in itself holds a value.
You’re holding the money in your hand – By asking for it, you got it.

It is so beautiful.
I am opening up myself so that someone that cares a lot for me can give me something of great value, if I just ask for it, and I will allow it to happen.

So truely beautiful.

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Back again

Hello fellow yogis, friends, readers and the rest of you!

It’s been a while since I last wrote, it has happened a lot since then.

I have moved. I am one of those who is very strongly rooted in my place where I live. Moving is like digging me up with the roots and then there is this vacum when I am nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Packing the last stuff, getting everything to work smoothly with the old owner of the house as they moved out the same day and the people moving into our appartment moving in the next day.
On top of this it was very stressfull at work.

I tried to keep up with my yoga practice but it is clear, how it is in life that is how it is on the mat.

The week before we moved Brandy and Kasper had a “Meet the Champions seminar” at the studio over two evenings. I even had written the wrong starting time in my calender for the second day so I missed Kaspers class. Bummer.

The new house is great, I like it more and more for each day and now after a month I have started to dig down my roots in a suburb of Stockholm. How about that? We still have some stuff to fix, like putting up some lamps and all the paintings and things like that. The stepsons room was purple so that room we are redecorating this week. The room that we have as our office is dark blue and will be the next room that we redecorate.

I found this in the Salvations Army Second Hand shop yesterday, it’s made in one piece of wood and I just get so happy watching it. I haven’t decided where it will stand in the house yet, but it will get a good spot.

I have learned a lot about myself during this period. That is good, as isn’t that what life is all about. 🙂

I’m also back on my mat to a more regular practice again and I have decided (It could have been a new years resolution…) that it’s OK to miss a day of yoga every now and then. It is OK not to practice daily, 5 days a week is sufficient and still very much.

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and then we move forward again

I have been thinking alot of one thing that Juan said when he was teaching here in Stockholm.

Before the practice becomes beautiful it will be therapeutic.

Hurray for the therapeutic effects of the yoga!

In 4 weeks we will move to our new place.

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